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Address: Ilham Tohti Institute
C/o. Enver Can Eichenstrasse 19, 85235 Odelzhausen

Topic:    Ilham Tohti Institute

For Immediate Release (CET)

With this press release, we are kindly informing you that the name of the Ilham Tohti Initiative is being changed to the Ilham Tohti Institute (ITI in abbreviation) to engage with the media, research and publication.

The Ilham Tohti Initiative, was officially established on the 6th of August 2016 in Germany. So far the Initiative, among other activities has nominated Prof. Ilham Tohti for many international human rights awards, including the “Sakharov Freedom of Thought Award“ of the European Parliament.

The newly formed Ilham Tohti Institute is a non-governmental NGO organisation named after the unjustly imprisoned Uyghur academic Professor Ilham Tohti. The multi-national entity is open to anyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religious affiliation, who agrees with Tohti’s ideas and shares his vision.

The Ilham Tohti Institute has the goal to promote Ilham Tohti’s ideas and make them into a reality. The ITI will promote them internationally as an instrument to help achieve freedom, equality, democracy, peace and stability for the Uyghur people.

To achieve these goals, the ITI will hold international seminars and conferences, make research, publish statements, brochures, books and other printed materials, engage in advocacy work and cooperate with various international bodies, including democratic governments, relevant UN agencies and NGOs, national and local Parliaments to seek their support and solidarity.

In scientific and cultural events, the public is to be made aware of the Uyghur people and their present critical human rights situation in China and these interests must be aroused. In this regard, scientists, politicians, writers, activities and artists will provide lectures and other events to draw attention to the culture of the Uyghur’s and their achievements in various fields. 

We will campaign for the immediate release of Prof. Ilham Tohti and further awards of recognitions for his work will be our main targets. 

Contact persons:  

Enver Can,  enver.can@web.de +491738912048

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