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The Ilham Tohti Initiative (ITI) and the International Campaign for Tibets’ (ICT) Office in Germany has launched a new joint Project. Accordingly, the first Life Stream Webinar was on Monday, the 29th of March in which the Uyghur issue and the general human rights situation in China was discussed in light of the EU/China Investment Agreement.

The Video Confrence was moderated by Director of ICT German Office Mr. Kai Müller and the Panelists were : Dr. Mareike Ohlenberg from the U.S. Marshal Fund in Germany, Members of the German Federal (Bundestag) Parliament Ms Margarete Bause (the Greens) and Mr. Frank Schwabe (SPD), Mr. Geltsang Gyaltsen, His Holines Dalai Lama’s former Envoy in Europe and Mr. Enver Can, Founding President of the ITI. Mr. Can, after focusing on the nature and ambitions of the CCP, listed some demands to the European Union to be fulfilled ahead of ratification of the EU/China Investment Agreement. He, reminding that the U.S. Administration, the Parliaments of Canada, Britain and the Netherlands have already called the Chinese policy of suppression aganist the Uyghur people as „Ethnic Genocide“, has called Germany to take practical steps in this regard and asked for a General Hearing at the „Bundestag“ to discuss the situation in East Turkestan, Tibet and Hong Kong.

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